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Dës Filmer vum Trident Juncture Manöver a Norwegen hunn Tounaussëtzer, dat ass kee Feeler vu mir, se sinn am Original esou.

Nato Multimedia


Media tags: Best of BROLL (8 Nov. 2018)

Reference: NATO 733290

Date filming: 01 Nov 2018 12:00

End date filming: 07 Nov 2018 12:00


Country; Norway, TRIDENT JUNCTURE 2018


Usage rights: This media asset is free for editorial broadcast, print, online and radio use. It is restricted for use for other purposes.

00:00:00:00 Drone shot, Norwegian town. 00:00:06:00 Various shots: Finnish forces prepare their vehicles for snow. 00:00:44:00 Norwegian forces perform a river crossing with Leopard II tanks.   00:01:26:00 US Marines conduct a patrol near Oppdal, Norway. 00:01:50:00 Belgian Artillery crew set up a Howitzer. 00:02:06:00 Montenegrin forces conduct a patrol in winter gear. 00:02:32:00 24 ships from one of two NATO task forces during Trident Juncture sail in formation. 00:02:40:00 French Marines and British Royal Marines disembark from a French landing craft. 00:03:08:00 A Norwegian Leopard II tank arrives, signifying the start of a simulated battle, during which British soldiers of the Royal Irish Regiment and Norwegian Home Guard defend a position. 00:03:55:00 Canadian sappers prepare for a simulated attack. 00:04:38:05 A Norwegian Bell helicopter lands on a mountain top to deliver equipment to a Norwegian air defence unit. 00:04:48:00 Norwegian civilian emergency personnel take part in a joint military-civilian CBRN exercise. 00:05:13:00 Observers from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), including those from the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus visit a US Marine Corps unit. #ENDS 00:05:47:00#

Nato Multimedia


Media tags: Best of Broll (31 Oct.2018

Reference: NATO 732704

Date filming: 31 Oct 2018 12:00

Country: Norway, Trident Juncture


Usage rights: This media asset is free for editorial broadcast, print, online and radio use. It is restricted for use for other purposes.


Shot-list 00:00:00:00 Various: US Navy Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC) landing near Alvdal, Norway 00:00:00:45 Various shots: US Marine Amphibious Assault Vehicles landing near Alvdal. 00:01:29 Various shots: Italian infantry boarding a U.S. Army Chinook helicopter 00:00:01:51 Various slow-mo shots: Belgian soldiers live-firing artillery 00:00:02:18 Various shots: French marine infantry practicing an attack 00:00:02:48 Various shots: F-16s taking off from Kallax Air Base in Sweden 00:00:03:01 Various shots: Norwegian self-propelled artillery during a live-fire 00:00:03:29 Various shots: interior of Norwegian self-propelled gun during live-fire 00:00:03:58 Extreme wide shot: artillery tracer round in flight 00:00:04:05 Various shots: Finnish and Swedish infantry training 00:00:04:46 Various shots: aircraft, vehicles and ships in action during media event 00:00:05:41 Various shots: Norwegian Coastal Rangers patrolling a fjord 00:00:05:58 Norwegian sailors raise the NATO flag 00:00:06:06 NATO and Swedish ships during a formation exercise at a media event rehearsal 00:00:06:33 Various shots: Dutch, Finnish troops conducting an amphibious assault 00:00:07:13 Various shots: Rotary-wing aircraft (, CH-53 Sea Stallion, MV-22 Osprey, Eurocopter Tiger attack helicopter) #ENDS#

Nato Multimedia


Media tags: Best of Broll (28 Oct.2018

Reference: NATO732576

Date filming: 25 Oct 2018 12:00

End date filming: 28 Oct 2018 12:00

Country: Norway

Usage rights: Courtesy: NATO/Netherlands Armed Forces/Norwegian Armed Forces. This media asset is free for editorial broadcast, print, online and radio use. It is restricted for use for other purposes.

00:00:00:00 Various shots: Norwegian soldiers with Northern Brigade, Armoured Battalion practise movement and combat drills. Includes GoPro and drone shots. 00:00:01:44 Various shots: Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg visits Armoured Battalion with NATO’s Allied Joint Force Command Naples Commander Admiral James Foggo (US Navy). Includes drone and GoPro shots. 00:00:02:33 Various shots: Dutch Marines practise amphibious raiding 00:00:03:36 Various shots: French, German, Danish and British snipers practise long-range marksmanship 00:00:04:46 Various shots: Norwegian soldiers practise crossing rivers with ferries and bridges 00:00:05:41 Various shots: Norwegian frigate HNoMS Helge Ingstad conducts replenishment-at-sea-operation with the Spanish tanker ESPS Cantabria 00:00:06:14 Various shots: Dutch destroyer HNLMS De Ruyter gets underway 00:00:06:35 Various shots: jets taking off from Bodø Main Air Station 00:00:06:45 Various shots: Slovenian and US helicopters practise transporting troops 00:00:07:27 Various shots: NATO AWACS aircraft taking off and performing mission (includes shots of aircraft interior) #ENDS#

Nato Multimedia


Reference: NATO732474

Date filming: 01 Oct 2018 12:00

End date filming: 25 Oct 2018 12:00


Location: various

Usage rights: This media asset is free for editorial broadcast, print, on-line and radio use. It is restricted for use for other purposes.

00:00:00:00 Various shots: US Marines with 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit land in Keflavík, Iceland for winter weather training; shots of MV-22 Osprey and CH-53 Sea Stallion helicopters 00:00:01:21 Various shots: Amphibious operations on board the Royal Netherlands Navy landing dock ship HNLMS Johan de Witt 00:00:02:13 Various shots: Dutch troops practise creek-crossing near Rena Training Area 00:00:02:27 Various shots: German and Latvian explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) technicians practise detonating simulated explosives 00:00:02:49 Various shots: German soldiers practise crossing a river with M3 amphibious rigs 00:00:03:28 Various shots: Norwegian troops board a Royal Norwegian Air Force C-130 Hercules transport at Fleslamd Airport and fly to Trondheim Airport 00:00:03:50 Royal Canadian Air Force CF-18 Hornet strike fighters take off from Vodo. 00:00:04:00 Various shots: Royal Norwegian Navy frigate HNoMS Thor Heyerdhal (F314) and frigate HNoMS Otto Sverdrup (F312) pass under Sotra Bridge near Bergen. 00:00:04:23 Various shots: Spanish Armada frigate ESPN Cristóbal Colón (F105) arrives in Trondheim 00:00:04:44 Various shots: Royal Netherlands Navy support ship HNLMS Karel Doorman (A833) tied up pier side in Trondheim 00:00:04:52 WS: Norwegian soldiers receive vehicles and materiel in Åndalsnes, Norway 00:00:04:56 WS: French soldiers disembark a ferry in Norway 00:00:05:00 WS: Armoured vehicles arrive at a rail yard in Norway 00:00:05:09 WS: Dutch C V-90 infantry fighting vehicles load onto rail cars in the Netherlands 00:00:05:11 WS: British vehicles crossing Øresund Bridge 00:00:05:23 Various shots: German soldiers disembarking from aircraft in Norway #ENDS#

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